Digital to garment, Vinyl, Laser, and photo Printing business. Locally owned and operated on Maui, Hawaii.

Why Choose Us?

Brothers Digital to Garment system:  (There's only a few of these on the island.)  Ink is a little more costly then silk screening, but large orders can be printed out quickly.  Since it is all digital, there is no limit on the amount of colors that can be used, and no limits to the details in the designs that can be printed.  Since there is no screen to cut, you are welcomed to print one shirt or a 100 plus. This machines only prints on 100 % cotton.

 Large Vinyl Printer/Cutter:  Can do banners, stickers, hats, window/car decals, dri-fit,  and print on almost anything.

Laser Printer:   Can do name tags. pet tags. metal cards, 3d lights, keychains, signs, and custom earrings

Sublimination:  Can do small items like mouse pads, fobs, ties, clutch bags, 

Photos:  Our sister company Malia does photo shoots, and they come back to Makalii's print shop to be printed.  If you need prints we can do photos up to 13x19.  We can also print on canvas paper to give it that professional/painted look.  

Too many times we all order shirts from the mainland to get affordable prices. We have all experienced the shirts not coming in during the sports season or on time. For this reason I have decided to go into this business and print t-shirt's locally. 

About Us

Felicia Johnson-Mckenzie


We are a family business.  Makali'i works with other Maui small businesses when we can and help promote, print, or sell their items.  Right now we are doing Maui Merchant Showcase in the Maui Mall.  Our print shop Makalii Printing is on 900 Eha Street Ste 107 Wailuku.  808-666-3295 Our team is here for you when your ready, contact us and see what we can help you with.